My One and Only - the band's feature film debut  On the set!
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In the summer of 2008, the band was selected to appear in the major motion picture, My One and Only,
starring Renee Zellweger, Kevin Bacon, and Chris Noth. Check out film session photos below. Read the press announcement.

Below are pics from the July 7-8, 2008 filming sessions.
View additional photos on page 1 or page 2 or page 3 from the June 23 shoot, plus a group photo of the band with Kevin Bacon, page 5.

The Junkyard Trio
 The Junkyard Trio, as the crew dubbed them, entertaining during session breaks. (L to R): Chris Poole (Rubbermaid drums!); Kevin Shaner (bass); and Mark Kelly (trumpet).
Rob Leonard
Rob Leonard enjoys the down time and the entertainment.
Our buddy Tim
Our buddy Tim keeps everything moving during filming. The band was treated like gold by the crew and the staff, from the hair and make-up group all the way up to the assistant director and director. Filming My One and Only was an experience we'll never forget.
Hair fix on the fly
Chris Poole gets a hair and make-up fix during a jam session.
Holly and the boys
Holly Palmer works up a number with the boys during a break in filming.
Bernie ties Chris' bow tie
 Bernie Robier, one of the few guys in the band who could actually tie a real bow tie, gets Chris Poole ready for the last day of shooting.
Checking the financials
 Kevin Shaner kills some time on the morning of the final day of shooting.
Jam session on the streetTaking it to the streets. The guys (joined by Sandra) entertain the locals between shots on the final day of shooting.
The trio becomes a quartet Dixieland on the streets of Baltimore! And then it became a party!
The street session turns into a party as Christina and Jon Jolles ("Carl, the band manager" in the film) cut a rug.
All out celebration on the streets
This is just one example of the grueling work for the band - being "forced" to hang out with these extras (L to R: Christina; Sandra; Cat) day after day. This movie business is tough stuff, but somebody's got to do it!
Final day of shooting
 Turn out the lights, the party's over. Waiting for the final shuttle after the last filming session. (L to R): Christina "cigarette girl turned groupie"; Mark Kelly - with cigarette; Bernie Robier - in a JCPenney's pose; Todd Clontz - leaning on trombone case; Scott Stansfield - sitting; member of the crew; Eric Wetzel - t-shirt; John Pritchett - far back, blue shirt.

View additional photos on page 1 or page 2 or page 3 from the June 23 shoot, plus a group photo of the band with Kevin Bacon, page 5.

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